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Snowflakes the Snowman  Snowflakes the Snowman

In the meadow we could build a snowman, but in the sky we can make him fly! This stupendous snowman is non-other than our old friend SNOWFLAKES THE SNOWMAN, back once again- bigger and better than ever before!

The original Snowflakes The Snowman balloon was designed by Bill Smith in 1987. The first balloon version toured parade routes nation-wide and in Puerto Rico as well!
This brand new version stands 50 feet in height and measures 13 feet in diameter and measures 22 feet wide, carrying a huge bright blue Snowstar in his right glove. That snowstar by the way is 12 feet X 12 feet! 

Like all of the balloons that we offer, SNOWFLAKES is chamberized, so if he would spring a leak in his hand, the rest of the balloon stays afloat to complete the parade route! He's very overhead obstruction friendly too- he slides under on his belly- with that huge smiling grin on his face and a big cherry nose!

SNOWFLAKES requires 8 tanks of helium and a ground crew of 22 volunteer balloon handlers.

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