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Snookums the Baby Elephant

Snookums the Baby Elephant

This popular pink pacaderm has paraded in many a celebration! SNOOKUMS THE BABY ELEPHANT is only "baby" in name, but certainly not in size!! He stands 40 feet in height and 13 feet round in the middle! He sports a sailor's cap that is 7 feet round and a grin on his pink snout that is 6 feet wide. Speaking of trunks, SNOOKUMS has one big enough to pack for a trans-atlantic voyage- it's 14 feet long! A crew of 18 volunteer balloon handlers keep Snookums from wandering off into the sky, and his pre-parade snack consists of 7 tanks of lighter than air helium! This balloon of Snookums is the second version created. The first appeared in 1987 and has the distinction of being one of the very first Bill Smith balloon designs to fly in a parade- the Kaufmanns Celebrate The Season Holiday Parade in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1987. Invite SNOOKUMS to do the "baby elephant walk" on air at YOUR next parade or special event!

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