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Slo' Poke the Cowboy

Slo' Poke the Cowboy

He earned his name......the old boy made his "award" winning debut in the Oklahoma City Sooner Parade to celebrate the city’s historic Centennial. He won the centennial sweepstakes award for South Western Bell Telephone Company. But it's interesting to point out that he missed his flight from the Balloonworks balloon studios- and had to book another flight- arriving at 2:00 AM in the morning!! Just hours before his breakfast of 10 tanks of lighter than air helium- with no time for "jet-lag" he flew through the streets of OKC to thunderous cheers and applause- thus the name of "SLO' POKE" he was presented by his designer Bill Smith. Filled with OKC pride and hospitality SLO' POKE THE COWBOY is ready to ride into your town for your next parade or special event....(and don't worry- he'll be there on time!) His vital statistics; he stands tall in the saddle at 57 feet in height. His waistline measurements: 13 feet round! His hat is a size 12- (feet that is) and he marches (floats) on boots that were made for flyin'- at 12 feet each! 36 trusty rope wranglers will be needed to keep this colossal cowboy from ridin' into the sunset.

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