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Maizy the Susquehanna Sea Serpent

Maizy the Susquehanna Sea Serpent

The folks in Scotland have Nessie, and there are tales of sea-serpents in the days of old. But here is one serpentine superstar with roots in Pennsylvania! Pennsylvania? Yes, Pennsylvania! It's MAIZY The SUSQUEHANNA She-SERPENT! MAIZY loves to swim the Susquehanna, looking at the beautiful mountain range, and proud to be a Pennsylvanian serpent! Friend to the fisherman (if they don't run away screaming!) and pal to the riverbank picnic goers (she loves fruit and healthy snacks) her dream is to one day ride the Hiawatha riverboat with lots of kids aboard for fun! MAIZY measures 28 feet in length, 13 feet in height and 12 feet wide. Requiring only 9 balloon handlers and 4 tanks of helium- she's sure to create a splash at your next parade or summer outing!

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