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Itsy the Baby Boy Penguin

Itsy the Baby Boy Penguin

Perhaps one of the most popular penguins we know, he's often seen parading with his little sister Bitsy. ITSY THE BABY BOY PENGUIN stands 40 feet in height and has a waist that measures 12 feet in diameter. ITSY is dressed for the big event, he wears a top-hat that is 10 feet tall and a bow-tie that accents that dapper tux that nature has dressed him in. All events call for formal wear, so our waddling penguin pal cuts a fitting figure on web feet that are 10 feet long each. This "babies" pre-parade breakfast consists of a formula of 7 bottles of lighter than air helium! His babysitters for your event will be no less than 19 adult volunteer balloon handlers.

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