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Gobbles the Turkey

Gobbles the Turkey

This nervous gobbler has devised a way to survive Thanksgiving! He's dressed in a pilgrim's outfit, complete with a big top hat! Maybe his proud plumage might give him away- but parade watchers everywhere agree that GOBBLES would be a guest "at" the table and not "on" on the table during the holiday season! Kids of all ages love him, head bobbing and wings flapping in the breeze. He's a perennial holiday favorite in the days and weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, and any parade or event AFTER Thanksgiving to boast that he survived the holiday! GOBBLES THE TURKEY stands 28 feet tall, has a wing span of 14 feet and his girth measures in at 12 1/2 feet round the middle. He just fits on all parade routes and many parades enjoy dressing the 17 volunteer balloon handlers as chefs preparing to present him to the public! He does require stuffing, so have 8 tanks of helium on hand!

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