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Big Top Billy

Big Top Billy, The Uptown Clown

He's the greatest floating show above earth! Lazily lounging in the sky above your parade or special event is this 40 foot long big clown balloon! BIG TOP BILLY, THE UPTOWN CLOWN! 

He measures 40 feet in length and stands 13 1/2 feet tall from the bottom of his chest to the top of his pointed hat. His shoes measure size 9 (feet that is) and he wears a pointed hat that is 8 feet tall.

Just before parade time, he'll snack on 7 tanks of helium and then be sure to round up 14 strong handed balloon crew members who will keep BILLY from clowning around in the tree-tops! A picture perfect balloon for parade routes that have overhead obstructions to go under- as he slides under these with the greatest of ease on his belly! He's the perfect balloon for any theme- including Circus, Birthdays and celebrations or most all holidays!

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