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Why Choose Smith Special Productions Balloonworks?

  • We offer a high quality product made from the best materials and crafted by highly skilled designers for effective performance in your event
  • Our staff are friendly, courteous and highly trained individuals who have a deep respect for the craft and love what they do. They are on site to serve your needs and requirements and those of your parade or special event
  • All of our parade balloons are designed and fabricated to be conducive to overhead obstructions, such as wires, traffic signals, bridges (vehicular and pedestrian) and traffic light arms
  • Our designs and creations are "family friendly" and children of all ages will delight in seeing them. Each one is a true "original" lovingly designed and created to deliver maximum happiness and a grand performance
  • We review all logistical details with you from start to finish to ensure a smooth performance of the balloons that you select for your event
  • All volunteer handlers are instructed and trained hands on prior to the start of each and every performance. In addition, a Balloonworks balloon captain walks with each major balloon to create a comfort level for your handlers and spectators alike
  • We carry One Million Dollars General Liability Insurance coverage naming your event and sponsors as additional insured for each and every event
  • We furnish a complete package of supplemental materials for your parade including script notes for telecasts and radiocasts. Artwork and photographs for publicity purposes and 20 years of expertise in the field of attracting sponsors and promoting your balloons
  • The "sale" does not end until the last balloon is on the finish line and deflated and packed away. From start to finish, we take great pride in making your event "our" event too!
  • An individual "needs evaluation" is done on your specific parade or special event, so that we may serve you to the very best of our ability. No detail is too small
  • We offer "custom designed" balloon rentals. Have a special request?- just ask!
  • We work and play well with if your utilizing more than one balloon supplier in your parade or event- we'll execute our promises to you in a professional and proud manner, and we'll be glad to lend a helping hand if needed beyond our duties. The success of YOUR event is what matters most!
  • Balloonworks does not boast the "best" balloons, or the "biggest" inventory. However, what we do boast is this.....High quality products at affordable rental rates and prices delivered by people who's number one priority is delivering the absolute best for your dollar and committed to making your sponsors happy. The reason why we've been proudly parading our balloons everywhere for nearly two decades!



Dedicated to The Art Of The Parade Figure Balloon and Quality Products and Service!